Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm at a Rochester Amerks game with my cousins for their birthday. A practical bar fight broke out on the ice. Hockey is such a barbaric uncivilized sport.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Guide to eBook Readers


After exhaustive research, I decided to purchase a Sony PRS-505, which supports ePub and also Sony's proprietary eBook format. Most book publishers that put their books in digital format are going to require they be protected by digital rights management (DRM), hence proprietary formats. That is their right and it doesn't bother me. As Borders sells Sony's eBook reader devices, there should be plenty of books available for puchase. There is also an enormous wealth of free books online to be downloaded from Google Books, Project Gutenberg, the Sony Reader Store,,, and many other sources.

If you're looking for an eBook reader, I spent considerable time researching the different alternatives, and have narrowed it down to several suggested alternatives. There seems to be some concern that Amazon's Kindle 2 doesn't support the open ePub format, which Google is publishing free books in. However, Amazon's Kindle 2 supports PDFs, and there is a program that can convert PDFs to Kindle's format.

Wikipedia has a nearly comprehensive series of tables comparing eBook readers and their features. I filtered out all ones that used WinCE as their Operating System, that were over $350, most that didn't have note-taking and highlighting, and most that have a reflective screen (any touch-screen one except based on the magnetic Wacom system).

I briefly describe several of these eBook readers below. For all storage spaces listed, you should assume only about 70% of that is available (the rest is taken up with the device's OS). Prices are after shipping and taxes if charged (8%) and are for the base item, not including extra accessories. Because it has a relatively reflective shiny screen, the Sony PRS-600 ($300 retail) is not on the list despite its touch-screen, 2 expansion slots, and excellent note-taking capabilities.

5-inch eBook Readers

These are small easily pocketable devices.

Bookeen Cybook Opus

Pocketbook 360

  • $276 from
  • See this you-tube video.
  • 0.5GB storage.
  • Expansion slot.
  • 20 different font sizes.
  • Search, note-taking, highlight-clippings, and bookmarks.
  • Doesn't have a keypad or touch-screen, so taking notes is probably a little tedious with navigation by the arrow-pad. 
  • Calendar and other applications. 
  • Open-source software is supposed to be very good.
  • Supposed to have screen as good as Sony PRS-300 or PRS-505. 

Sony PRS-300

6-inch eBook Readers

Amazon Kindle 2

  • $235 from
  • See this you-tube video.
  • 2GB storage.
  • Free 3G connectivity.
  • Web-browser, 6 font sizes
  • Search-functionality, note-taking, highlighting, keypad.
  • A safe bet. I tried it out, it is very nice to use. The keypad is great. Screen is readable, although contrast doesn't seem as the Sony PRS-300 or PRS-505 (background seems grayer). I've been told this may be because the Kindle uses a white case.

Onynx Boox 60

  • $349, but can't find for sale anywhere.
  • See this (German) you-tube video.
  • 0.5GB storage.
  • Magnetic wacom touch-screen
  • Expansion slot
  • Ei-fi versions should be available later.
  • 5 font-sizes
  • Folder-navigation
  • Search-functionality, note-taking, highlighting.
  • This may be very nice when it becomes available and cheap. A touch-screen that isn't shiny and reflective, with wi-fi on the way.

Pocketbook 301

  • $315 from
  • See this youtube video.
  • 0.5GB storage.
  • Expansion slot.
  • 20 font sizes.
  • Folder-navigation, search, note-taking, highlight-clippings, bookmarks.
  • No keypad or touch-screen, so taking notes is probably a little tedious with navigation by the arrow-pad.
  • Screen is probably very good.
  • Also has calendar and other apps.
  • Open-source software is supposed to be very good.

Sony PRS-505

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